And so it begins, rewind to October 2014

I started to have flank pain in my back, aware of my kidney function not being great I went for bloods. I had been told three years earlier that there was a problem with the function of one of my kidneys, nothing to worry about at this point but needed to be monitored. Also could not find the cause of it. Pain getting much worse couldn’t sleep at night every time I turned over I yelped.Results showed kidney function low. Dr. thinks it’s not connected but postural but still sent me for kidney scan, the scan was clear.

As a personal trainer I know my body very well so I knew it wasn’t postural and my back was strong, however decided to give physiotherapy a go (process of elimination). My amazing physiotherapist is also my personal trainer and knew my bodies ability well ,so on assessing me over a few weeks agreed that something wasn’t right and sent me back to the Doctors to ask for a referral. I went back to several different Doctors’s in the surgery, a tale i’m sure we are all familiar with. I had a great Dr but I think i’d just been with her for to long and maybe it had become a bit familiar, over the years i’d have pockets of time of going regularly with my various ailments, it all makes sense now! Raynaud’s, sinuses, chronic rhinitis,etc. I have to say over the last 4 years iv’e had a sense of something was wrong. I then started to wake up with pain in my arm, knee and sometimes my whole body. I felt my body was hot.

Barely sleeping at all now,feeling a little stir crazy in the mornings as I still need to go to work. As if all that wasn’t enough…

I then get stung by a wasp on my thigh….My immune system loved that!


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