Life changed…rewind to September 2014

It’s been a stressful year, personally and financially but iv’e come out the other side. I’ve got my head around my children having left home…this is my time, for the first time in my life time for me, how exciting! What do I want to do, what do I want to eat, when do I want to do it?. Don’t get me wrong I miss my children not being home but this could be quite liberating. On reaching my 48th Birthday mid September I was feeling positive about my future in work and in meeting my Mr Right. Feeling fitter and healthier than i’d been since my 20’s, dare I say feeling confident  about myself and enjoying discovering who I am.

By the end of September noticed my training was becoming tougher, I was getting out of breath quickly, I also started to over heat to the point I thought my head would explode but noticed I had stopped sweating which is not typical of me. I also struggled to get my heart rate down after a session also my strength was waining.

Just not feeling quite right….Life changed!


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