Sjögren’s: An act of kindness

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”-Aesop

It’s been a while since iv’e been to the hairdressers, iv’e let myself go a little and been feeling a little broke.

I nearly cancelled as I was feeling so rock bottom after the Sjörgren’s meeting. Iv’e been going to the same hairdressers for the last 20 years so I know my hairdresser well. As always a warm welcome and Karen preceded to ask how I had been. I just said that I was feeling a little tearful so if she didn’t mind I didn’t want to talk about it.

I had been aware that over the last few months my hair had been falling out, I had wanted to ask Karen what she thought but was a little afraid of the truth. Karen beat me to it and very gently asked “have you noticed any difference with you hair?” at which point I burst into tears, the tears just streamed down my face. How embarrassing! At which point Karen was so sweet, she listened most of all.

She then asked when I was free next as she wanted to book me in to get my hair coloured (which was much needed). I replied things were a little financially tough at the moment. “No this is my treat, I want to do something for you.”

Karen also didn’t charge me for my haircut and gifted me some hair loss treatment (Nioxin hair/scalp treatment) to take home with me and the following week Judith the colour technician was just as sensitive and lovely and got rid of the grey.

Karen will never know how much of a turning point her compassion and kindness was for me, she saw my rock bottom and picked me up!

Thank you Karen


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